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The ultrasound

Although ultrasound has been a diagnostic test used in other specialties such as gynecology or cardiology for more than 40 years, today there are still few traumatologists who routinely perform them in our own practice.

In my daily practice, ultrasound is an essential tool as it allows me to diagnose directly and in the first visit a large number of pathologies (tendinous, ligamentous, nervous, etc...) in addition, it allows me to show the patient himself to observe the injury with the appropriate explanation and see its evolution as the treatment progresses. In many cases, moreover, it allows you to avoid other more expensive or even painful tests. 

On the other hand, when necessary, it allows me to carry out echo-guided infiltrations, being able to carry out the treatment on the precise structure or joint in the same first visit and without any doubt that the treatment reaches where it needs to reach and a much less painful form than if the infiltration is carried out by simple palpation.

In many cases, infiltrations carried out without ultrasound control are not effective simply because the drug does not reach the structure to be treated...that is to simply stays on the way or does not hit the affected structure.

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