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Jordi Palau González

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​The operating system of our center is based on the joint work of the three specialties that make it up.

Following the medical evaluation and considering the doctor's observations, physiotherapy is responsible for restoring the correct mobility of the injured area.

We consider the patient as the protagonist of his own physiotherapy treatment. How? With personal and individualized attention, studying each case individually and   adjusting the treatment to each circumstance. Taking into account work, professional, personal and emotional characteristics*.

During treatment, therapist-traumatologist coordination is constant and fluid. So that a way of information is established reciprocally. As well as with the psychologist (or psychology department) in all those cases that are considered a benefit for the patient.

Although we are specialists in the upper extremity, we understand the need to conceive hand therapy, not only in isolation but as part of a wider and more complex system. We use a combination of techniques from physiotherapy, osteopathy, fascial therapies... to achieve a more complete approach.

In addition to being hand specialists, we also treat all types of traumatological, rheumatological, sports injuries and diseases...

Our way of working is based on using different techniques provided by both physiotherapy and osteopathy, with the main use of manual therapy (therapeutic procedure applied by a physiotherapist through the HANDS, to modulate pain, increase range of motion, improve tissue extensibility...).

  • If you want to do physiotherapy with us and you have not been treated by our doctor, you can bring your medical request, tests and reportsperformed previously.

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