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Neuropsychologists are psychologists by training who specialize in understanding the relationship between behavior and brain function and to do this specialization we need extensive training in neurology and specific brain function.

Neuropsychology is a neuroscience, a specialty straddling clinical psychology and neurology that studies the relationship between brain function and behavior, that is, it studies the effects that an injury, damage or abnormal functioning has on the structures of the nervous system central cause on cognitive, psychological, emotional and individual behavioral processes.

It tries to understand the relationship between brain functioning and behavior so that after evaluating brain cognitive functions (by means of the clinical history, the assessment of neuroimaging tests such as CT or MRI and with neuropsychological tests) it can be determined which brain area is the injured area.

Cognitive functions or higher mental functions are language, attention, learning and memory, awareness, emotions, thinking and reasoning, visuospatial functions and executive functions.

Executive functions are complex mental activities, necessary to plan, organize, guide, review, regularize and evaluate the behavior necessary to adapt effectively to the environment and to achieve goals.

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