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"While biology gives you a brain, life turns it into a mind"
- Jeffrey Eugenides


Diagnosis and cognitive rehabilitation, how does it work?

The neuropsychologist evaluates and/or establishes theclinical diagnosis(cognitive, behavioral and emotional), deals with rehabilitation and guidance and support for the patient and their environment.

To reach theneuropsychological diagnosisit is necessary to carefully collect the clinical history and carry out neuropsychological tests that assess the different cognitive abilities and the handling of the patient in the activities of daily life. It is necessary to evaluate together the results ofneuroimaging testsand neuropsychological. 


Once the diagnosis is established we can plan the therapy orneuropsychological rehabilitationmore appropriate and personalized.

Rehabilitation or neuropsychological therapy must be individual and must contemplate both the restoration and replacement and compensation of cognitive functions as well as the enhancement of preserved functions that help compensate for altered or lost ones.

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