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Adolescence constitutes another stage of human evolution in the growth from child to adult considering that it goes from 10 to 20 years of age which involves a series of important changes in different areas of the individual: biological, sexual , social and psychological.


Today our teenagers are the generation of millennials, according to some called the impatient generation, who have grown up in a world of instant gratification. Crucial things and what will constitute your future such as job satisfaction, love, strength in relationships, joy, self-esteem,...are founded on solid foundations that paradoxically require a lot of time and a lot of patience.

Therefore, these young people must learn to be patient and ask for help in order to put in place survival skills and mechanisms. We need to teach them how happiness and personal and professional fulfillment come from working hard for a long time.

Adolescence is a time of continuous changes that often generates a state of confusion in the person, sometimes difficult to carry alone, or without the help of a professional, especially if during this period traumatic events happen (death of 'a direct family member, separation from parents...).

There are some characteristics specific to this period that are therefore normal even if they often encounter the adults around them:

  • Formation of one's own identity  and of the definitive character

  • Acquisition of increasing autonomy

  • Expression of feelings, sometimes contradictory and often linked to hormonal changes, affective hatching-explosion-implosion

  • Mood changes not necessarily related to real things (change from anger to sadness, to happiness,...)

  • Choice of friends (in + or – dangers) like attraction to others (even in extremes) and by contrast opposition with some others

  • Discrimination of affections

  • Exalted emotionality

  • Exaggerated spontaneity (age of the “turkey”)

  • Questioning the opinions of others (tolerant vs. critical) and norms in general

  • Fantasies and ideals taken to extremes and even very unrealistic or absurd

Given that it is a period of change, I recommend paying particular attention to some frequent points of conflict in order to organize a strategy and find an approach to pact and non-conflict:

  • friendships

  • Schedules (arrival)

  • permissions

  • Homework

  • study time

  • Academic performance

  • Time dedicated to computer, games, uatsap

  • Vocational future

I recommend educating and taking special care in:

  • Respect for the rules

  • Assumption of responsibilities

  • Appearance change

  • Negotiation of rules

  • Respect freedom

  • Understanding of situations

  • Attention to changes

  • Resolution of intergenerational conflicts

  • Enhance dialogue and trust

"People often say they haven't found themselves yet. But the self is not something you find but something you create” 

Thomas Szasz

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