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Clinical Psychology

As a psychologist, I understand that we are all surrounded by vital pillars (family, friends, partner, work...), some we choose and others are given to us. Often behind a psychological discomfort are hidden discrepancies between what we would like to have and what we really have and this can generate feelings of resignation or anger, suffering or sadness.

In the world and society we live in, it is normal to suffer the consequences of our difficulty in adapting to it. This is when different patterns of discomfort may appear and we may need help to combat different psychological imbalances, which are not always illnesses but psychological disorders associated with temporary situations.

Think about the impact of our actions on people, the impact of our thoughts on our mind and our actions, understand and manage stress, identify what worries us so we can handle and modify it, improve the time or anxiety management, identifying, measuring or controlling the impact of our actions and our ideas on our actions, all these aspects are issues to be dealt with and considered in resolving conflicts.

All personal relationships go through changing times and stages and on certain occasions we can enter monotony or boredom, discrepancy, mistrust, suffer from insecurities, have feelings of inferiority or doubt ourselves.

I offer a professional, personalized, individual or couple treatment with adaptability and flexible hours and support so that you feel better able to resolve real conflicts or specific concerns.


What and who do I deal with?

Imagine thatyou need helpand that you just can't get out of situations that worry you or that because of a specific problem you need someone from the outside to tell you how they see it andhelp you solve itor it's already a big step.


If you have come to this conclusion and take the step, it is more thanhalf of the solution, I'll take care of the rest.

Generally, the people who come to my consultation, before arriving have considered things like: should I be able tosolve my problemsand I feel terrible having toask for help, going to the psychologist I never thought it would ever happen to me, I failed and I can't get out of it by myself, I doubt that going to the psychologist will help me, the psychologist will tell me my secrets, if I don't know neither me what's wrong with me... how should I explain to the psychologist, I've been feeling bad for a long time and I don't think anything will change for me to explain to the psychologist, should I explain my life and my private life to a stranger? , will I spend years explaining my problems and the therapy will be eternal?, will I always depend more on the psychologist?, and if the problem is not mine but the others who don't understand me?, let's see if I will have to change things that I don't want to change. ..

All these questions and reflections are normal and serve as a starting point.

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