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Couple problems

At the outset it will be necessary to adequately assess existing difficulties, at what point they are found, the existence of deficits in communication skills and in problem solving. 


A long-term relationship goes through many stages where dialogue and understanding needs to be established by both parties. It is normal that there are discrepancies between the two because it is about you and me but you and I are more than the sum of you and I because we are two individuals each separately and what we are both.

When the couple is going through a difficult time it is important that before the distance between them becomes excessively large they make the decision to ask for help.

Couple therapy can help them face their crisis, be able to recover lost communication and have more tools to face it in the future, it can help to see their situation from another perspective that facilitates the rapprochement between the couple This involves each of the members putting in place the necessary changes to continue with the relationship.

Some feelings that can surround the couple relationship can be mistrust, insecurity, inferiority complex, competition or rivalry towards the other, the lack of a common project, boredom or monotony, the discrepancy of points of view or opinions... and raising these doubts can give way to the desire for separation, to the manipulation of the other, repetitive arguments, the feeling of being controlled or that the other is suffocating you , abuses of all kinds, heartbreak... 


All these aspects are analyzed at the same time as a couple treatment or individual work of each member of the couple.

"I fell in love with her demons and she with my darkness, we were the perfect hell" Mario Benedetti
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