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Loss and grief

Grief is a natural psychological process that occurs after a loss, absence, death or abandonment and each person perceives it in a different way. 


This grief can be experienced not only for death but every time we have an experience of definitive interruption of something, of loss, of distance... 


The emotional experience of facing the loss is what is called grief processing which leads us to the need to adapt to a new situation. You can suffer different emotional and physical symptoms such as: anxioust, fear, guilt, confusion, denial, depression, sadness, emotional shock...

Grief is a wound and needs time to heal, but if the different stages (denial, anger, agreement, fear and acceptance) are not overcome and you get stuck in some step, then it can become a pathological grief that needs to be treated with therapy psychological. 

From psychological therapy, support and accompaniment is provided in processes of mourning or illness, divorce or separations in such a way as to try to speed up and close each of the phases involved in the loss as soon as possible.

"To know oneself is not only the most difficult thing but also the most uncomfortable" HW Shaw 
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