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From recurring idea to mania and obsession

Obsessions are recurring, intrusive, repetitive thoughts that disturb us and we often have them for a long time despite our attempts to make them disappear or not to think about them. They are those thoughts that we do not want to have for different reasons: they are negative, they are of no use, they are not true and we cannot avoid having them and when this happens they disturb us and we cannot concentrate on thinking about anything else._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Recurring thoughts can be a source of anxiety problems, suffering, incapacity... Obsessive thoughts can also appear when we have to make a decision and we don't know what to choose among different possibilities. We turn the subject around for days or months and fall into the trap of immobilizing obsession  without knowing that not deciding is already deciding. Thinking that we don't want to think about something already focuses our attention on it, and the frustration of wanting to erase a thought and get the opposite effect, make it stronger, more present and more recurring, appears.

These thoughts  are a symptom and what needs to be done is to discover where they arise and why they persist, what is behind them. To do this there are different methods that can help us such as:

-       Detachment of thoughts. Knowing that you don't decide what goes to your head or not but that you can select what interests you and want to stay and what not to eliminate it (with concentration, attention and self-control using meditation, mindfulness,... ) to gain self-control over your own thoughts and learn to focus your attention in other areas when recurring thoughts appear

-       Exercise to reduce stress and help control recurring thoughts

-       Daily dedication to think about the disturbing thought by limiting the place and time of dedication, is a way to create a way automatically a stop signal or stopping the unwanted thought

-       Avoid talking about recurring thoughts continuously

"Fear is the price the brave pay to enjoy lives that make history"

Robin Sharma

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