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Caregiver patient syndrome

The emotional and physical overload involved in taking care of a chronically dependent patient (cancer, stroke, dementia...) in the long term produces a disorder known as Caregiver Syndrome which is basically characterized by physical and mental exhaustion.


This syndrome appears when the person suddenly has to face a new situation for which they are not prepared and which consumes all their time and energy. It is produced by the continuous stress (not by a specific situation) in a daily fight against the disease, and which can exhaust the physical and emotional reserves of the caregiver.


There are some recommendations that can help overcome this syndrome: avoid being the only caregiver, share the patient's progress with others, maintain healthy lifestyle habits, maintain a social life, preserve previous hobbies, adapt the environment, avoid 'stress, try to deal with it with a positive attitude...

Psychological therapy helps in the management of all those disorders that affect the patient caregiver.

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